Smartphone Apps

This smartphone app portfolio page is a just a sampling of our entire body of work. All of our smartphone apps are available for Android and iPhone devices.

MyModules Used by cotton producers to register newly-made cotton modules and have them transmitted to their gin automatically, optionally with GPS coordinates attached.

  • View the status of all of your modules.
  • View summary status of all of your bales.
  • See the location of a specific module on an interactive map.
  • Can be used by custom pickers as well.
  • Can be installed on multiple phones for a single producer. This allows large farming operations to use the app on the phones of multiple field supervisors.
  • Manage multiple producer accounts on one phone.

Module Dispatcher
Module Dispatcher Dispatch cotton module truck drivers.

The eCotton Gin System can send module info and location to this app.

  • View module location on a map.
  • Get turn-by-turn navigation to the module.
  • Verify module ID with barcode scanning via the device's camera, or a paired RFID scanner.
  • Can be fully automated to invoke a "weigh-in" when arriving at the gin.

Mobile Bale Scan
MobileBaleScan Cotton warehouses can record bale locations, verify shipping orders, collect received bales, work a picking list, and verify picking lists using a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and a bluetooth-enabled handheld laser barcode scanner. All data is transferred to and from the device wirelessly, so there's no need to dock the device or scanner into a cradle in the office, or create outbound files.

  • Record Bale Locations: Enter a location and scan all of the bales being stored there quickly.
  • Shipping Order Verification: Select a shipping order and scan the staged bales before loading the truck. The app gives an audio and visual indication of good/bad bales.
  • Receiving: For reconcentrated warehouses, scan bales as they arrive and verify them against data received from the merchant. Record the warehouse bale number assigned to each bale. Capture bale weights from your scale (Android devices only).
  • Paperless Picking List: Access a workable picking list electronically. Scan to verify the bales as they are pulled from storage.
  • Picking List Verification: For verifying bales that have been pulled from stock and are waiting on the floor to be moved to the staging area.
  • Reception Window: Record seal number and/or equipment tracking info for outgoing loads. Print a barcode label for inbound loads (Android devices only).
  • Completion eMails can be automatically sent to warehouse management.
  • Can be installed on multiple devices for a single warehouse.
  • Missing bale tags can be printed via a Zebra bluetooth mobile label printer (Android devices only).

Bale Collector
Bale Collector Collects cotton bale numbers that are being loaded onto a truck and transmits them to the eCotton Remote Bale Entry Utility for TA printing.

Cotton Warehouse Locator
Cotton Warehouse Locator For use by truckers who need to find a cotton warehouse to pick up a shipping order.

Search for and locate cotton warehouses in the US. Find the address, phone number, and map/driving directions to any cotton warehouse that has signed up to be exposed through this app.

Search on any keyword (or partial word): name, address, city, or state.

MobileLoads A generic base app that can be customized for your business.

Track loads of any type as they are sent in to be weighed and processed. MobileLoads is flexible enough to handle more than just agricultural loads. There are options to track loads before and after processing, or simply to receive updates on loads that have already been processed. This app can be customized for your company, with your brand, for your products, for your customers!

Ragdoll Pinball
Ragdoll Pinball A fun, unique version of pinball using a ragdoll instead of a ball.

Play pinball with your friends, or at least the image of your friends. You create "characters" using photos from your gallery or you can take a new photo with your camera. Select the face from the photo, and your ragdoll is assembled. Share you high score via Facebook or Twitter.

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