Accounting Interface - AccPac

AccPac supports importing only one destination at a time, so only Accounts Receivable (AccPac calls this an Invoice Import) transactions are generated. Accounts Payable transactions are not supported. Therefore the "Destinations" on the System Parameters Accounting tab of the eCotton Gin System can only be set to A/R (or None).
AccPac uses Customer IDs, so they must match the Producer IDs and Buyer IDs in the Gin System, or the Shipper IDs in the Warehouse System.
AccPac does support the "token" concept for general ledger accounts. They are known as "Distribution Codes" in AccPac. You should set up a "Distribution Code" for each "Token" you use in the Gin and/or Warehouse Systems. Note that since "Distribution Codes" are limited to 6 characters in AccPac, you should only define "Tokens" that are 6 characters or less in length.
The Accounting Interface generates ".DAT" files for AccPac. These can be imported into AccPac by going (in AccPac) to Accounts Receivable | A/R Transactions | Invoice Batch List, clicking on the New button and then on File/Import. Select "Single CSV file" for Type, then click on the Browse button and select the import file.
The file layout is part of the data file, so there is no need to set up an import layout in AccPac.


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