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Producer reports, USDA classing, seed sales, ginning charges....how do you keep it all straight? Let eCotton - a division of EWR, Inc. help you computerize your gin.  For cotton gins, we offer the industry’s most popular gin management system computer software that allows your staff to handle the mass of data that flows through a gin both efficiently and effectively.

The eCotton Gin System...

allows for an unlimited number of producer, farm, and field records.  Farm records are assigned to producers through the use of a simple “farm ID” code. This code may be, but does not have to be, the actual FSA farm number. If production information is desired down to the field level, multiple field records can easily be entered against each farm.  Also allows for landlord distribution.

allows you to enter loads (trailers or modules) in advance or as they are ginned. If entered in advance, the system can optionally print a load receipt. The system can track loads to be hauled to the gin and those already on the gin yard awaiting ginning. As loads are ginned, bale numbers and weights are entered into the system. Duplicate bale numbers and out-of-range bale weights warnings are available. Cottonseed weights can be entered by bale, by a percentage factor of lint, or by distribution of load seed weights to bales.

allows you to enter bales either on the primary system or via a Remote Bale Entry Utility that captures the bale data at the bale scale. Bale numbers can be entered manually (i.e. by keyboard), bar code reader, or assigned by default by the software.  ASCII files from other bale scale systems can be used for bale entry and read into the cotton gin system through the remote file process.

allows you to provide your producers with up-to-the-minute information regarding the cotton that you have ginned for them. Total production information can be given by producer, farm, field, and pick.

can read USDA classing information and warehouse receipt data from a remote file (transferred via diskette, telephone lines or internet) or entered manually. Delays encountered when dealing with warehouse receipts are no longer a problem.  eCotton’s software already contains many inbound/outbound layouts used in the industry.  Our staff updates these layouts every year per instructions from warehouses and buyers. We maintain continuous contact with USDA classing office management in both Memphis and Washington.  As an alternative, you can sign up to get classing from eCotton via our AIRMail Provider System.

gives you the option of recapping cotton for your producers and invoicing for settlement with a cotton buyer on their behalf. Detailed pricing alternatives allow for multiple pricing tables, micronaire premiums/discounts, strength premiums/discounts, reduction code discounts, uniformity premiums/discounts and “group” premiums/discounts (based on HVI data). Another option allows the gin to purchase customers’ cotton and then re-sell it.  Also creates recaps that can be sent directly to eCotton’s new WebMarketing system via the internet.  Create the recap in the gin software and we automatically prepare the file for data transmission to the WebMarket where your recap can be reviewed and bid on by buyers nationwide.  Use eCotton’s new WebMarket as another resource you can use to help your farmer get the best price for his cotton.

tracks seed inventory and sales, produces an invoice for each load, and records payments by load.

generates billing information we call gin statements per load (module) and optionally posts them to eCotton’s AMS Accounts Receivable program. You can greatly modify the appearance of the gin statement to closely suit your own preferences and needs. Gin statements can be printed in a variety of different ways – by load number, by producer, by farm or even customized buy you.


provides for ginning charges and credits under a variety of variables (i.e. per bale, per module, per pound of lint, etc.). If necessary, multiple charge tables can be entered to handle different methods of charging customers and assigned to producer, farm and/or load levels.  Handles almost any billing method needed by your gin 

supports multiple sets of data (“entities”). This allows you to maintain ginning data for more than one gin or maintain the data over multiple years with the same program. The number of entities allowed is limited only by the capacity of your computer’s hard drive.

allows for creation of Trucker’s Acceptances or Dray sheets (detailing bale shipments from the gin) at any time. Hand-held bar code computers can be utilized as required.

permits you to enter up to five contracts with the producer for purchase of seed at specific rates. (This contract provision does not apply to landlords.) A standard “seed credit” option is also provided to allow all producers seed to be purchased at a standard rate. (This standard option can be applied to landlords)  This standard date may be assigned within a date range, thus allowing multiple standard rates within any given season.

provides options for the transfer of bale ownership from one person to another (e.g. from producer to landlord).

can optionally make or use remnants with any load recorded in the system.

allows you to “customize” the program to meet your specific system requirements via system parameters. These parameters identify default values used throughout the system, activate restrictive actions, alter data entry procedures, etc.

uses simple procedures for entry and editing of load and bale information. Errors can be corrected at any time with a minimum of effort.

offers restrictive use of program actions to prevent unauthorized users from running the program and altering sensitive data. Very finite levels of restriction can be applied to user names or ID’s. 

features easy access to an on-line help system by simply pressing a key. An explanation of the current option will then appear. You can also select a specific help screen from an index of help “topics”.


allows gin managers to review total production information for each shift and thereby gauge shift performance. Time lost due to repairs and maintenance can be closely tracked.


more than 25 pre-designed reports, including Cotton Board reports. The Custom Report option gives you the power to create your own reports.

allows for transfer of data to/from the eCotton Warehouse Management System. Provision is made for interchange of data with other software systems, subject only to the limits of the other system.

has optional Gin Utilities, which provide additional reporting/analysis capabilities, automatic transfer of information to a variety of coops (i.e. Calcot, Staplcotn, Beltwide), and ASCS Loan/LDP file generation capabilities.

...and much more.  Call eCotton at (800)571-4434 for more information.


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